dinsdag 13 december 2011

a friend .... and a friend

Today I had a lovely day with a dear old friend.
She faced a long car journey with her man
 in rainy and stormy weather to meet me in Rotterdam,
and it was fun together
like it always was.

She brought me a wonderful piece
of Kaffe Fasset "Megamendung"
and some pieces of lace.
She provided me earlier with some old odds and ends
so I took the finished pieces with me, to show her what became of it.
(We first met thirty years ago in textile-art classes)


The other friend I made only recently,
through the internet
I most likely will never ever meet her in real life :
she lives in Australia !
We talked about felting and making little "Waldorf"dolls
and visited each other's blog and talked some more
and I sent her something for her seasonal table ...

Last Saturday a big envelope arrived through the mail :
... ? ...
did I order something that I totally forgot about ??? 
until I discovered the name on the back
Ronnie !

Thank you my dear, for your lovely early christmas presents !

a magazine about felting, some wonderful variegated threads
(of which I surely will make good use in some stitching projects)

and three little angels and a tiny baby Jesus

( I put up the christmas tree this afternoon and they are in it !!! )

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Friends are treasures. Enjoy that gorgeous piece of Kaffe's Megamendung. Merry Christmas Else and many Happy New Year - Hugs Nat

  2. this is good...real and webfriends together'.
    I'm so happy you and yours are going to be better and recover from the accident and angst.