maandag 9 januari 2012

a new year ...

Oooooh wow,
a whole week of the new year is already gone !
where was I ?

Taking it reeeeeal easy :
fun with the grandchildren,
a bit of sale - shopping
in my favourite Cora Kemperman shop,
a bit of knitting
just  s l o w l y  starting again

Within two weeks there will be two happy, I hope, birthday boys !
( one big, one small ) 

Today I took some time to play
with my beautiful Karisma colour pencils
and made two little mandalas

In the second one there appeared some jungle animals
... I hadn't plánned that ... 
but it might be because I saw a picture of a leopard
earlier in this morning's newspaper ...
( he, or she, was found in a North - Indian city,
attacking people,
these big cats start to come out of the jungle
because their habitat is getting smaller and smaller ) 

Two other little mandalas are waiting to be send away
but I'm still missing one address
( so please Fiona ..... and yes Yvette it is the mail )

so for now only some details


And my plan is ( although I didn't make any resolutions )
to start again making some felt-fabrics

5 opmerkingen:

  1. interesting variegation in that yarn. lucky boys.

  2. The top mandala with the pinks is such fun patterning, Els. xxoo, sus

  3. Happy New 2012 to your and yours. Happy birthday to yours Grandchildren. Both of my grandchildren's Birthdays are also in January.

  4. Hi, Els. Hand knitted socks are such a luxury. Very pretty mandalas. Really liked your little angels, too.
    best, nadia