zaterdag 6 juli 2013

moon faces in the summer garden

I'm planning to make a lot of moons 
in my SUN piece. 

For the faces I use the old "Jude-method"
the way she showed us in the 
Patchwork Beasts class in 2010

Faces are drawn on the very thin base cloth with a fine pen 
("sharpie" or whatever, as long as it doesn't bleed too much on the fabric)

one done, one in the making, and two waiting
(the base fabric is an unsuccessful eco-dye on IKEA curtain)

The fun is, to stitch whatever I like

Mmmmmm the weather was SO good today!
So I was stitching in the garden.
Every now and then, a blackbird just brushed past my head :
they have their nest in the Wisteria against the house

Here are two chicks (two eyes) of three,
it's rather overcrowded 
and one is already flapping his/her wings !

The three little swans that frequently sitting opposite our garden
are growing nicely

... and grooming just like mom ...

The little feathers floating around :

just like little swans themselves 

And later in the day : FUN

playing with water !!!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. what wonderful expressive.

  2. Loving the work you are doing here, Els. And oh, what a little sweetheart, getting ready for some lovely wet mess! Hugs and cuddles..... sublime! Lx

  3. Els~ Your faces are fantastic! Such character :) (much more than that one! haha)
    Little ones love the water don't they?