maandag 12 augustus 2013

young assistant

Last week daughter had time 
to do some serious felting.
I showed her working on the Ouessant fleece,
but she made some more 
little curly rugs,
using other types of wool.

Indeed, a lot of work !
So who wouldn't be very thankful for a little help ?

Hi Mom 
I'm here to help you 

She also finally managed to make a bag for a friend.
(she had promised that a long time ago
but didn't have the time or energy to do so)

step by step
the beauty takes shape

Today (washed, dried in form and with the strap attached)
YES really a beauty

While daughter was doing the felting 
I finished all the bits and pieces of my Sophie Digard inspired crochet shawl
and look at that  assistant again  :

proudly showing my work !!!
(he is such a good helping hand !)

Making the last choises ..... and done !

Going all around the border 
is the last task before blocking !
Yeaaaaah !

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Just love those crocheted flowers? stars? whatever. They're wonderful!

  2. work so fast. it is magnificent. your daughter made a gorgeous bag...lucky friend. and that assistant is sure being trained at a young age. it will be interesting to see if any of this interests him when he gets a bit older.

  3. Oh what a darling studio assistant! (I think Flossy is a bit jealous). Such a FINE bag, and your crocheting is really spectacular Els!
    xxoo, sus

  4. Zo'n assistent is natuurlijk wel errug handig!!! (en gezellig ;-)
    Wat een ontzettend mooie dingen hebben jullie gemaakt zeg... Kunstwerkjes wederom!
    Groetjes van Mirjam.

  5. Just love your felting and that bag is gorgeous. The helper is adorable as well. Cute photo with your flower scarf! Hugs Nat

  6. Tasche und Schal sind grossartig- aber kein Wunder bei so einem tollen Helfer!
    Liebe Grüße

  7. Wat een mooie werkstukken maken jij en je dochter! Maar ja met zo'n geweldige assistent kan het niet fout gaan.
    Leuk hoe de kleuren van de tas en sjaal bij elkaar passen ..... dezelfde kleur smaak ?....

  8. well you win the prize for the cutest assistant in the world!! and the scarf and bag are beautiful....sigh

  9. The bag and the shawl are amazing...but that assistant takes the cake!! He's grown so much and is so adorable :)

  10. So so cute!!!! with such an assistant, great ressults are sure!!!