maandag 3 februari 2014

new starts

The year 2014 turned to Februari already :
time flies
Time to make some new starts !

Finally I know what to do with the "fiery" wool present 
I got from Anne (Australia)
I will be knitting a lacy shawl called
Dragonfly Wings

f r e
(fire shining on my hand  ;-)  !) 

The second start is my fabulous online Surface Design Felting class with 
This weekend I received the first lesson
with five assignments
So I better get started soon !
(nothing to show yet ...)

This month starts a new felting exchange
There is a new group of people
but the rules are the same :
every month a little post card size piece of felt 
for one of the participants
on a chosen theme
(my first one will be "faces")

So ... not much to show yet,
just promeses

I hope we make another new start too :
our computer is old and
v e r y
s .. l .. o .. w  
(and plays nasty tricks every now and then)

4 opmerkingen:

  1. must be fun to knit with that bright, fiery yarn.

  2. Whaaa, ik loop hartstikke achter!! Maar wat een schitterende stukken heb je ondertussen gemaakt! Naast alle heerlijke kleuren was ik toch ook helemaal weg van de zwart/witten die ik hier zag.....
    Liefs, Mirjam.

  3. what fun!! i have a yarn not too dissimilar in its fiery nature that is on the needles to one day finish becoming a pair of socks. i had almost forgotten it until i saw the wonderful joy that you are knitting today. thank you!

  4. Exciting starts, Els. That fiery yarn makes me warm and happy just to look at!