vrijdag 28 maart 2014

brother in law

My brother in law
(husband's youngest brother)
became sixty last Tuesday
and we celebrate that fact with a party tomorrow.
For a little present I made all the preparations
for another "stitch-and-burn" piece
by painting the "lutradur" (kind of thick polyester interface)
the "vliesofix" (wonder under) and ironing 
unpainted vliesofix onto the polyester velvet.
Cut, ironed
and topped up with polyester sheer pieces
The fun part is the stitching
with  COTTON (!)  thread
otherwise, you'll end up with this nasty mess of loops
at the backside
which you have to undo
and start anew
(do you see the amount of thread, I did it móre than once ...)
This happens  because, with this "quilting" presser foot,
I have to put the foot down in some semi down position ...
which I sometimes forget !
I did the burning today outside in the sunshine
(it stinks ! thought I didn't burn out a lot,
I did it outside anyway)
You can see the "60" here in the design
though it isn't too obvious in the whole piece
(I think ...)
In this picture against the bright sunlight
you can clearly see I used the leftover cut out shapes 
of the circles to complement the square design
no initial plan, that just happened
And in that sunny garden
BLUE  ! 
and a bit of brown

5 opmerkingen:

  1. ELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wat mooi en wat ben ik lang niet bij je geweest....
    gefeliciteerd en ook met je dochter en de oorwurm en en en (doe je wel eens een prive aan huis workshop? Ennnnne...ik ben op zoek naar een nieuwe naaimachine welk merk raad jij aan?

  2. this piece is lovely, not techniques that I am familiar with although I have bought some lutrador to play with (just can't quite figure out what yet). I hope he loves it as much as I do :)

  3. thank you for your comment on Debbie's blog love the design and color in your project I could see this done on glass... Gilda

  4. how pretty and how like glass your swirls are! I have some lutrador downstairs and you inspire me to drag it out sometimes soon.

  5. To przepiękny witraż. Masz super pomysły. Bransoletka też super.
    Do mnie jeszcze też przylatują mazurki.