dinsdag 12 augustus 2014

busy felting

Apart from some minor internet problems
(which are  -more or less-  solved now)
I've been busy felting
not to loose my touch with my newly learned "Judit"-skills !
I have my notes and some pictures
but, I need to practice too !

First I finished the red pendant,
made a necklace out of it : "fire"

Because it was fun, I dicided to start with some embroidery
(also took it with me on my Saturday Stitch'nBitch tour)
in order to finish it properly, 
it was on the wet table again ...
(well hadn't thought of thát before ...)
However, I found the perfect solution :

a plastic bag !
So I could easily finish it off now.

Next was felting the little bag
that will be part of a belt.

Still a lot to be done, but this bit is almost finished.

Then I had another idea, when I was thinking about the necklace I called "fire"

Wouldn't it be nice to make "earth", "water" and "air" too ??

Here is "earth" in the making with a fixed cord, and the pendant.

Finished "earth" 
(but when it's dry I need to start with the embroidery)

Today I did the last bits on the ring that was already nearly finished when
the weekend with Judit was over.

(maybe a bit posh, but I love the old, old button that was in my stash
from times when I went to Austria with my parents)

So, I made a brooch to go with it 
(with the same colours : orange red and magenta
but the picture isn't quite right)


The last thing I want to show is the lovely page I got
from my Challenge - partner Cathrina (UK)

front ...

and back
It was so much fun to see some bits I sent her during the Challenge
were in this piece  ;-)

And this crocheted "coffee pot" filled with flowers
was my gift for her.

(Ahhhh we're just waiting what Sara has in store for us again)

12 opmerkingen:

  1. feltspirit for spirit cloth
    and o wow what a lot of projects!

  2. I love all of your felt work ..especially the ring .. beautiful!!!

  3. The jewellery is stunning and the closures on the necklaces are inspired - a really clever design. I see you learned a lot from Judit and are putting it to amazing use :)

  4. I'm curious, did you leave an open area in the necklace for the stone...glueing it in after completion, OR did you felt it in during the construction/felting process....love the look! Please clarify if you can....

  5. Je hebt weer prachtig werk gemaakt, Els.

  6. this is pretty amazing felting Els! Love the ring....

  7. Lovely lovely felty things, Els! especially the necklaces. I use felted wool for my bangles and may try a necklace or two, but I don't do the felting itself. You are SO enterprising! Lxx

  8. I love the red necklace you're working on! I've never seen felted jewellery before, you done a beautiful job Els. :)
    Jess x