woensdag 19 november 2014

what about selling ... ?

Aaaaah ...
this is a difficult story ...

Just a few days ago I decided 
NOT to participate 
in this year's Christmas market in our village.

It was a tough decision because I enjoyed 
it very much, these last two years.
It was fun : 
thinking about what to make
meeting all those people
and talk about making one's art
and selling it.

But all this has a down side too.
 I LOVE to make the different things for the market :
it may be felt, quiltlets, drawings, paintings,
(I like a lot of different techniques)
I HATE making my art
as if I'm working on a production line in a factory !
That really is no fun for me !
But at the same time this is the whole problem 
when participating to markets !!!

When people come to you and tell how lovely an item is ...
if ... it was just :
blue instead of green ...
purple instead of red ...
a bit bigger ...
a bit smaller ...
a bit different shape ...
(and so on)

So :
no more market for me this year !

Will I stop making art ?
Another NO
I can't stop being creative !
And I hardly ever think about selling when I'm busy.
But if there ever is something you really would like to "have"
just send me an email 
and we probably can work out something together !
I'm willing to take commisssions too


These two little friends were just adorable

(though big brown brother doesn't seam so pleased to share his throne)


These are some really old drawings I found
(while cleaning through clutter of old times)
I made them for our classroom door
when I was working with pre-schoolers :
our koala class bear was the main character
each time we started a new theme to work on


           "measuring"              and            "floating and sinking"
"the doctor"

and :  "friends" !

These were good memories when I found them again today  ;-)

I'll bring them to my friend and old colleague Ada
so she can use them again for the children
(they are about 50 x 65 cm each)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Lijkt me een fijne rustgevende beslissing Els...
    Ik moest zo lachen om die twee in die stoel :)!
    De tekeningen zijn fantastisch... moet je niet eens een kinderboek gaan maken ;-)? Liefs, Mirjam.

  2. ... and the neverending question:" Is this felt?" And, you produce items only for the market and nobody buy them at least :(. Your thoughts are my reasons, too.

    Greets Doris

  3. dear els

    I know all of your mentioned thoughts so well - and the inner feelings, that are coming up with these suggestions "more green, a little more this and a little more that"



  4. Auch ich kann dich verstehen und bestimmt jeder, der selber mit seinen eigenen Händen Arbeiten erstellt. Dass deine gezeichneten Erinnerungen jetzt wieder einen Einsatzort finden ist doch toll.
    Und diese Übereinkunft der lebendigen beiden Freunde ist einfach nur schön!
    Mach´s gut, Birgit

  5. Så är det precis , jag vill inte heller göra mer än en, glädjen försvinner annars. Kram o fortsätt skapa på ditt eget vis..älskar det du gör ( swedish)

  6. I like letting the galleries sell the work for me, that's their job!

  7. Els the drawings are so sweet and I understand your reasons for not wanting to be in the market. I wish I didn't HAVE to make art to sell but I've got to eat!! So .. I wonder if you got my last email about the fox illustration?

  8. I understand completely what you say about markets.....I don't do them anymore either. I hope you're well? and warm?