dinsdag 9 december 2014

december already ...

I really don't know where November went ...
and we're already in week two of December !
Time flies !

Last week we celebrated
the Sint Nicolaas feast
with daughter and grandchildren.
It was the first time for the youngest one.
In the morning we went to the school 
where big brother and his class mates 
waited for the arrival of Sint Nicolaas.

Of course the best part was unpacking the presents
later that afternoon !

The last, and biggest present of all :
a huge succes !
It was fun to visit my (big) brother again yesterday.
They had sold their house this summer and moved to an appartment.
Then they were away, we were all busy,
but yesterday we went there.

It was fun to see the painting I made for him years ago
still had a lovely place on the wall.

A piece of our garden for a special birthday
(70 x 50 cm)

I already told you that I was very unlucky with one of the 
Pink Ribbon postal consignments 
but finally the second envelope with mandala's
(after the first one sadly had gone missing)
arrived safely at my friend Birgit's house.

Today arrived a very special "thank you"

A lovely rainbow of (natural) hand dyed wool
and a special lovely fragrant piece of soap !
(another blogland-friendship born)

Thanks Birgit !

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  1. The whole year seems to have flashed past to em, Els!
    How lovely you have St Nicholas' Day, we are still working ourselves up to our frenzy on the 25th. We will be having a quiet lunch with my mum, but will have more sociability going on for Boxing Day, on the 26th. Lxxx