donderdag 26 maart 2015

slowly going

That's what I'm doing at the time
My creative things 
aren't growing very fast,
nor are the flowers in the cold spring garden
But the local garden center
is very helpful
when it comes to slow gardens

Not home grown, 
but from a tray full of bright colours !

Not that my days are idle, oh no,
the stack of jewel squares is steadily growing and
I'm busy de-cluttering the bookcase,

Though it may not lóók like progress, but it really is !
I got rid of all the tiny bits (and dust) that gathered on the shelves.
so you could hardly see the books anymore.
Now the fun things only stand on the ends.

Now you can see again this lovely Wayang Golek head
(It is fár from finished, 
and I had a hard time to persuade the man who made it,
to sell it to me unfinished !!!
But he did, and I cherished it for many years now)

 While I was working the bookcase
and Man colouring his Mandalas (or studying Italian)
the little one had work of his own


(the bookcase is finished)
I started mending an etui (container)
that a dear friend made many years ago
(the zipper was broken)

but I can tell you :
that making a new one
would probably have been a lot easier
than replacing this broken zipper 
(but I'm glad anyway !)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. you are right. making something from scratch is much easier than fixing but sometimes it's a treasure that cannot be parted with. i have a stack of clothes that need repair but don't have the motivation to do anything about that.

  2. I love the word etui. I had to look it up. Thanks for your blog, Els.

  3. Dear Els,
    After all this time, I realized that I hadn't joined your blog ... my bad !
    But I am a new follower today !
    I will be back to scroll through your blog, but I can tell you that your felted jacket is so beautiful !