zondag 3 mei 2015

one leads to the other

Like I told last time I sought out my acrylics
to paint the canvas on which
Summer Solstice was mounted.
(it is in its new home on the wall now)
There still were some small canvases in my stash
and I gave them all a first layer of paint.

Today I started to play with them some more

Playing around with masking tape was the second step

I'm sure I will forget to take pictures
of each and every step

I used some stencil I bought  (together with my Gelliplate)
but I'm making my own masks and stencils now out of thin foam.
For some reason I don't like to use the ones
everyone can buy in the store :
it has to be more "me"

And ohhhhhh yes, it is

The garden is mostly green on the ground
(with lots of forget-me-nots)
but the trees are the best at the moment.

Ginkgo and Malus in the late evening sun

I  LOVE  May !

3 opmerkingen:

  1. May is a beautiful flowering month here as well. love what you did with the stencils and masks. it turned out so lovely.

  2. Oh May is wonderful over at your place!! Your canvas play looks fun.

  3. Loving your art-work, Els, as always and OH! That beautiful tree - how amazing is that! Happy May to you! Lxxx