zaterdag 25 juli 2015

turning ... (out of time)

Ha, we had a birthday girl today :
Yippee !
A beautiful number
and when you turn it around ...
there is mum's age
(even my age you can turn ...
well, upside down, and nothing happens)

Daughter was very busy this week
designing a drawing 
for the handle of her Fire-keeper's pitchfork :
a fire-breathing lizard

Turning and turning to get it on the handle.

Yesterday I finally started on a cord (belt)
to go with the little bag I made in Judit Pócs' workshop
(about a year ago !)
Judit is such an amazing felting artist
and we learned SO much there !!!
But in one way or another 
I never came to finish that belt.

Little coloured diamonds growing on the cord

Halfway there ...

Tomorrow I will finish it,
and make a closure for the bag

3 opmerkingen:

  1. hey!
    some beautiful things just need time to grow in mind and heart -

    lots of greetings

  2. Nice to see this beautiful little bag again. Reminds me of a lovely weekend x

  3. Echt prachtig... Ja Judith is geweldig... Zo verfijnd en precies...!! Ik heb ook altijd van haar workshops genoten.!