zaterdag 1 augustus 2015

August !

Today it was double August for us !

(and "us" meaning the knitting group
that started some years ago at the Alpaca farm,
then stopped, and went "on tour" this year
because it was fun, and we wanted it to continue)

So for me : 
bike, boat, bike in the other direction than normally :
namely to Dordrecht now.

We were in this holiday month not meeting
at one of our member's places, but, 
at the wonderful restaurant

It is housed in the former pump building
and water tower of the Dordrecht Waterworks

After the entrance you first get to the bakery and a market,
where you can buy the most wonderful presents
(for someone, or yourself)

Then you come to the restaurant part and then ...

to the terras and the garden !
With the hotel ...
in the water tower !
The garden is used to grow a lot of their own vegetables
(you can buy some of those in the little market too !)

Chatting and knitting
and drinking coffee and tea.

(and none of us could resist the de-li-ci-ous cakes !!!)

The weather was okay, and we had a wonderful morning !

If you ever go to Dordrecht ...
go visit Villa Augustus :
a true experience ! 

10 opmerkingen:

  1. what a perfect setting for eating such a delicious looking confection!

  2. I'd say August is starting out pretty well for you! :)

  3. Wat een fantastische plek... En dan zo dicht bij huis...!❤️

  4. Gezellig! Mijn je els bloemen staan op springen.....

  5. Ein Wahnsinns-Gemüsegarten...und die Bäckerei!! Ein toller Ort für ein Treffen.
    Es hat übrigens geklappt und jetzt mache ich mich auf die Suche nach kleinen Magneten für "Monde" - es war ein soooo inspirierender, schöner und bereichender Tag mit euch beiden!!♥

  6. gorgeous place Els.....the cake looks very tempting too!

  7. Leuk..komend weekend vertoef ik daar met mijn vriendin een weekendje! Zin in.