zondag 10 januari 2016

more knitting

Yesterday was another knitting day
because the "Alpaca-on-tour"
started this year on the second Saturday of the month,
all were present
(except for the one who is momentarily in Spain)
and two extra daughters !
(following their mothers' footsteps)

I took the extended owl family with me.

We admired our host's sphinx cat
(all wrinkles and no hair)

There were lots of homemade cookies, tea and coffee 
and a LOT of talking
about projects, yarn and patterns
(like usual at this kind of meetings)

One of our friends unloaded a bit of her superfluous stash
and all of us took some of her treasures home.

Thanks Ingrid !

Some hemp and linen for me

The rainbow coloured yarn will be a cowl

and is progressing nicely ...

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Die sphinx Katze sieht so interessant, weich und auch ein bisschen fremdartig aus, dass ich sie am liebsten berühren möchte! Ein wunderschönes Stick-Modell...

  2. to-wit to-woo Els, your owls are a delight, as ever your use of colour is wonderful - not entirely sure about a hairless cat, though I'm sure its pet human is very fond and I rather like what she is wearing :-)

  3. Really pretty things! Also love homemade cookies and tea.