donderdag 12 mei 2016

the last bits before the market

Because daughter and I 
are going to a market this Monday
May 16
there were a lot of "last bits"
to finish off this week :
felting bits
and a lot of painting
(the flowers that I drew some days ago)

But between all that
I had to keep track of the nest !

Nest ?

What nest !

Well this little snow white lady decided
that our garden was just THE perfect place for her nest :
a safe high spot next to the timbering at the edge of the water !

From time to time she flies away to take a swim
and ruffle her feathers.
(then it's my turn to take a look : four greenish white eggs,
there were five at first
but after some days there were only four)

We're waiting
and counting the days.

You can see the lovely Bluebells right next to her,
I love to draw / paint these.

The finished Bluebells portrait !

And in the flowers I got on Mother's day
was a Calla lily in beautiful pink,

which became into this :

Calla Lily

And this was one of the felting "bits"
(not quite finished yet !)

(this will be a necklace, no "end" picture)

Still things to do ...

we hope the weather won't be TOO bad on Monday :
there will be a turn in the good weather of these last two weeks  

it just needs to be dry
(we can put on a sweater for the cold)

But it will be just fun with all the
that will be there !


(if you live near here)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. love all the brilliant colours of spring in your photos and soon there will be ducklings!

  2. What a pretty visitor you have! The weather really turned cold and rainy, let's hope it does not stay like that for too long.

  3. good luck at the market Els!! You have some gorgeous work in this the richly coloured droplets in the last image. How exciting to be watching those eggs so are very lucky....

  4. Thanks Mo, Jokke and Karen.
    And about the ducklings ... not there yet.
    (but the jackdaws already gathered above her and the heron is lurking on the other side of the water ...)

  5. Mooi allemaal Els!!
    Zo schattig dat nest met dat dons erin, ben benieuwd! Xxx