dinsdag 12 juli 2016

some new bits ...

Ahhhh ...
July already
second half of this year 2016

Still no real summer weather :
lots of rain.
Slugs and snails are happy,
so is the moss that grows in between
everything now in the garden

The Buddleja davidii "Black Night"
is huge this year, because I was too late
to cut it back.

Today, with many heavy showers
the branches nearly touched the water !
(I'm afraid the break off ...)

This colourful visitor came some days ago during some sunshine !

(Comma butterfly - Gehakkelde Aurelia)

The Filipendula rubra venusta
(who loves the water's edge)
is doing very well this year (of course, with soooo much rain)

Always thinking of cotton candy when I see it !

And this is the Astrantia I brought back
from our friends in Schoonhoven last week

I hope it likes this spot and will grow even bigger next year

("Zeeuws knoopje")


The felting exchange piece for last month was way too late
but now it's finished ..... ánd ...
the piece for the next month is finished too !
Why ?

Tomorrow I will visit the "Weavers market" in Hoorn
with daughter and some friends :
friends of the felting exchange !
Two of them will receive their piece :
one late and one early

Here's a sneak peek of the two of them

Later there will be more about the process

10 opmerkingen:

  1. such gorgeous flowers. you are welcome to our Summer....the heat index has been over 100 degrees (F) for days. you can cook dinner on the sidewalk. it's much too hot for me. i spend most of my time indoors.

    1. I know Deanna, here too much of this, there too much of that .... luckily man can not influence the weather : there would be even móre quarreling than there is now !

  2. such beautiful photos of your summer garden !

    1. Look at the felt Brugmansia in the next post Mo .... looks like yours ;-)

  3. Hmmmm! Die echten im Garten UND die gefilzte Blüte sehen prächtig aus! Euch einen tollen Tag beim weavers market.

    1. Jaaaaa Birgit, só einen schönen Tag hatten wir heute in Hoorn !

  4. De belles fleurs pour trouver l'inspiration. Bonjour de Paris