zondag 31 juli 2016

stitching continues

On this last day of July
the weather was good enough
to do some stitching in the garden.

I'm busy with a slightly bigger one
than last time :
20 x 50 cm
( +/-  8" x 19.5")
(I know there are canvases that size,
so I won't have the problem
that I need to make my own
like the 15 x 15 cm ...)

All the scraps in place and
invisibly basted to the hand dyed piece

The back, with the   b  i  g   stitches 

And because lots of scraps were out
(I keep them in colour family in rolls, or plastic bags or small boxes)
there came another one 
(ahhhh, Jackie and Nat might recognize some bits  ;-) ...) 

But I don't know yet what the main colour for the stitching will be :


I put the "red" piece
on some other fabric ... but no

the colours were too "noisy" to work on
(though I know it's meant to be folded under when finished !)
so back to the original piece.

So after I gathered the colours (yes, silks too)
I could start stitching

A long way to go !

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the embroidered circles :)
    Perfect way to spend a July day.. sitting in lovely weather, in the garden, quietly hand stitching.. (just add mint tea and chocolate or cake = bliss :) x

  2. Die kräftigen Farben, darin erkenne ich dich sofort - fiberrainbow!!

    1. ... nicht den ganzen diesen mal ....
      (wer was was noch kommt)

  3. I really love the red one - pure energy.