zondag 18 juni 2017

nearly midsummer

Sometimes time rushes by
and I don't really notice
what date it is
(being retired does that to you)
But now I have started a small piece (15cm x 15cm)
for Summer  Solstice.

The weather is very warm right now
so why not take colours that match that !

Of course I started with
"glue-stitching" it all together,
so no nasty pins that catch your thread
when you start stitching !

In my stash was something a St'nB-friend gave me

It's the finest batiste
and believe it or not :

this is definitely hand stitched !!!

It's so hot right now
that the garden isn't the right place to do the stitching.
The sunshade down, the garden door closed,
to keep the heat from getting inside,
hmmmmmm ... that's better !


Here's the "Sweet Sunrise" piece of some days ago,
finished but not yet mounted on a canvas.

(I think the crochet is a bit from my Australian friend Jacky)

Love how the thick bundles of stitches work ...

A few weeks ago it was
"fish" time
See for yourself !

But not only for me,
also for Man who started drawing himself !
Around the drawings of his favorite colouring book
(always thought he couldn't ...)

Isn't that FUN !

8 opmerkingen:

  1. your sweet sunrise is beautiful and those fish from both you & the Man are magic

  2. Liebe Els,
    Dein Post ist wieder eine Augenweide. Der "Sweet Sunrise" wirkt wie ein gerade aufsteigender Engel - und Deine gefilzten Fische sind wieder zauberhaft!
    Herzliche Grüße

    1. Danke Heidi ! Sonne oder Engel : "sweet" ist recht !
      (gefilzte oder gefillte Fisch ...?)

  3. Ah the midsummer time is so sweet, like your stitches.

  4. Love your sunrise. colors so soft. Here it is too hot to stich. Perhaps I should draw some fish too for a cooler feeling.

    1. Yes Doris, too hot : only stitching inside !!!
      (be careful : fish go easily bad in this weather !!!)