zaterdag 2 juni 2018

(Alpaca) knitting club

After our Alpaca farm friend stopped
having us every first Saturday of the month
we smoothly changed into the habit
of hosting our group in turn
(we are 12 so that is no problem)

Today was my turn again
Sadly sitting in the garden was no option,
but there is room enough inside

We were (only) eight this time.

After the first round of coffee and tea
we always have a show-and-tell round

(the last pic : my everlasting socks, little knitting at the moment !)

A wonderful getting-together !
Thanks ladies !

Later I found a new Campanula : a blue one ...
the white ones were there a bit earlier

And ooooooh that rose ...

Wet, from a loooong night of rain !

9 opmerkingen:

  1. knitting is such an amazing skill, love how with the diversity of techniques and different weights of wool a good knitter can create the finest lace or the sturdiest of warm clothes, deep bow to you all, I tried to knit a vest when I was 24 but stitched it so tightly I had to use a nail to prise up each stitch to slide the needle in, it was a size 12 pattern that ended up so small I gave it to a friend's 6 year old son!

  2. Oh yes Mo, there are indeed some jolly good knitters in our group !!!
    (and YES : you have other qualities !!!)

  3. Gezelligheid kent geen tijd....en dan ook zulke prachtige resultaten! Mijn tuin wordt opgevroten door de

    1. Ha Yvette !!! Jij had trouwens ook een gezellig stel bij je lapjesdeken !!! (mooi portret trouwens ;-) !)

    2. (p.s. mijn slakken vliegen naar de overkant in het hoge gemeentegras !)

  4. What talented knitters and such a beautiful garden x

    1. Oh yes Mrs. B, the garden is at its best this time of the year I think !

  5. Ohh yes, knitting, another of life's tactile pleasures. I'm just knitting up some very scrummy Noro yarn - bought in the sale, the only way I can afford it, but who can resist silk and cotton mixed in with a little smattering of wool? Some lovely knitting there, and such pleasure to share with friends.
    Do those roses smell as good as they look? If so they must have been wonderfully fragrant after that rain

    1. Kat ! Noro is always a DELIGHT in colours !!! (though it's not too strong and not that soft sadly) The greenish shawl was home-dyed wool too !
      Sorry to say the dark pink isn't a fragrant rose (like New Dawn is !) But I picked one of each for the little vase ... ;-) and some Ladies mantle !