woensdag 4 juli 2018


We're already in the second half of the year ...
time flies.

I've been busy making new textile jewels,
bigger ones than my Pink Ribbon's this time,
using all kind of textile "beads".
Like the ones in the last post.
The bright blue one is finished
and another pale blue one.
Little pieces of black-and-white fabric
are waiting to become the next one.
(I'll have a Textile-art Market in August
and one in September)

But today daughter was busy on my sewing machine
to make a farewell present
for the schoolteacher of her youngest.
The children that move to the next grade
did some drawing with textile crayons !

The teacher can lean on a sweet memory cushion.

While most of us enjoy the warm sunny weather
the garden is longing for a good bit of rain.
The drought gives already problems :
like forest fires, trees losing their leaves,
yellow lawns, desperate farmers ...

We heard of birds leaving their nests and young
in the eastern part of the country,
but here some of them are doing still fine !

A young blackbird waiting by our front door
for mum or dad to come with something juicy.

The grebe family passed by in the water.

Must be hard to find any fish under the duckweed ...

And this evening, just before we had our outside dinner,
a bunch of eight blue tits came by to forage
in the garden : no corner or crevice remained unexamined !

(ha, one even sat on my (still empty) dinner plate !)


So all the young ones seem rather happy here !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. What fun to see your birds! And love the blues of your jewels in the last post.

    1. ((Hazel)) loooove the life in our garden !
      YESYES : those blues are wonderful ! (but hope to sell it)

  2. Reacties
    1. ((Mo)) I think so too ;-)
      (hate the gardens next to us with only LOTS of stone and artificial grass !!! :-( !)

    2. Great piece of textile art your daughtet has created. Wow what wonderful wildlife xxx

    3. Thanks ! (yes the teacher loved it too ...)
      So glad the dry weather didn't interrupt too much in nature here ... (lucky to have water next to the garden ;-) !)