donderdag 21 maart 2019


For us it's the start of spring
for others (in the southern hemisphere)
it's the start of autumn,
day and night are of equal length

The cycle of the year
the cycle of the seasons
the cycle of life


Last week's stitches that were in the TAST-challenge,
were the French knot and the pistol stitch
(=  a French knot with a tail )
and I used those in the "Cow parsley" piece
that I showed before.
This week we got no new stitch :
a "catching-up week" 
for beginners or stitchers that got behind otherwise ...
We're supposed to have FUN
and certainly not stress, when stitching !!!

So a very good reason for me to do another French knot piece
(and why not use the equinox as a starting point for that)

This time a LOT of them !

For this sun I almost ONLY used yellow (-ish) threads
from several thread nests or from some already threaded needles
that were lying around.

(yes, there are skeins and balls, no, didn't used them)

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  1. Reacties
    1. It was really fun to do Doris ! Making smaller and bigger knots with different threads, and squeezing in the last few ;-)

  2. Das sieht toll aus, Els! Ich bewundere deine Geduld!
    Herzlichst, Gabi

    1. Ach Gabi. wie eine Meditation dieser Knotenstich !

  3. That's beautiful! Those french knots look wonderful all together like that, like the middle of a flower. xx

    1. Thanks Jess ! I love them too all these different sizes and colours ;-)

  4. Oh, my, so many! Beautiful colors & texture.

  5. Wonderful work! How I love french knots! x