woensdag 29 mei 2019

flowers !

I always LOVE May in the garden,
spring is really full-blown
and moving towards summer.

Flowers don't last very long
but when you have a whole bunch
you can enjoy them for quite a bit longer !

Though a lot of the higher alliums are "over"
the allium roseum are just beginning

They self-seed very easily and are everywhere,
my kitchen chives is flowering too

The roses are starting too.

But I love my irises best in May !

(Irts germanica and iris sibirica)

And near the water
(they love it there !)

A  "japonica" variery)

(when they're done
the Filipendula rubra will be taking over :
the leaves are already there)

This Tallictrum beauty I got from a friend

and is doing well !!!

Last weekend the pavers were raising the sagging carport at the front ...

but ... the terrace in the back yard needs to be raised too !
But I didn't want that done right now :
we'll wait till autumn !!!

But I hate to loose these !!!!!
(they self-seeded and are doing just GREAT !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Bei euch tut sich ja ganz viel, im Garten und ums Haus! Das die Allium sich so gut aussamen wußte ich gar nicht. Hier haben sie sich zwischen den Akeleihen vorgeschlängelt.
    Freue mich auf unser Treffen <3

  2. (((Els))) you are a brilliant gardener and photographer, what is the fabulous white flower in the last photos?

    1. Thanks Mo !
      Silene vulgaris it's a wild one, came from I don't know where, but I love and cherish it ! (maybe from the bird feeder ?)

  3. What a beautiful garden. You are very talented.

    1. Ha thanks Doris .... but it's more letting them grow !
      (and taking away what is too invasive ;-) !)