zondag 23 augustus 2020

only blanket stitch !

Last week the Stitch Club project
was stitching with variations of one single stitch :
the blanket stitch.
Julie B. Booth (American) was the teacher
who set out her workshop as a game !
We had to randomly pick a number for the format
and three more numbers for adjectives
that were used to play with the stitch !!!
A piece of cotton, big enough for a 10 x 10 cm square,
white or black
and limited colours of thread,
preferably black or white with some gray or beige ...

I made sketches of the possibilities and then I chose one
(out of three) prepared plan.

For this one the format was : cross
and the adjectives : short - horizontal - organic.
(Oops ... I was daring and took a lovely uneven dyed dark red
with white and pink threads for contrast)

This wasn't the first one of my "lottery" but I liked it best
but later I also made the other two.

Well I can say I was truly amazed by the versatility of that "simple blanket stitch"

For this week Anne Kelly
(who did also one of the Textile Artist Stitch Challenges)
made the new assignment
for which I need to sort through my stuff
to find all the right things for it, so :

to be continued 

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Reacties
    1. Ahhhh there were soooo many beautiful and different variations in the group ... what people come up with when you have to follow a randomly chosen path ... !

  2. Reacties
    1. Heel leuk om te doen Hannie ! (ook als de toevallige keuzes je in eerste instantie misschien helemaal niet bevallen haha !)

  3. How lovely your colours are Els. And what fun you had with blanket stitch. When we (my embroiderers' guild branch) made a stitch dictionary we each picked a stitch out of a hat and this was mine. I too was amazed at how versatile it was and what fun to stitch.

    1. Yes Kat so true ! I knew beforehand that the stitch had opportunities .... but SO many ??? I was amazed !
      (ha, next is Anne Kelly again ;-) !)

  4. Wow! for all of my use of blanket stitch, I could have never imagined such a cool display! They all three look great Els1

    1. ((Nancy)) I really thought so too !
      With these random words that we had to use, we were forced to think outside the box ... And seeing the work of others was very inspiring too ;-)