zaterdag 27 maart 2021


I found some little paper bags with old used postage stamps,
unfortunately there were no more landscapes
but I might give it a go with some animal stamps
. . . . .
But there was something else
I could do this last week :
another Stitch Challenge on FB
by Textile
(like the ones we had last year's spring)
This time by my favorite Merill Comeau.
"text in fabric"

I chose the word "mending"
something that isn't done very often
since the "throwaway society"
is more common than not.

I get a lot of little repairs from daughter and the kids
(two trousers waiting for me right now)
I love it when things are functional again
with just some fabric, thread and a little effort !

all kinds of small scraps
in not too bright colours.

and a variety of matching threads
(after basting everything down)

finished !

Here some detailed pictures
to show the details of the different ways
I stitched the letters down.

That was really FUN
. . .
and now on to doing the "real thing"
which has to be less visible !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. (((Els))) love this lettering, y'know your beautifully stitched sock darning matching the ribbing last year blew me away!

    1. ((Mo)) I admire people who can gracefully integrate writing or letters into their textile work !
      HA, darning socks is an old skill that is nearly gone, in fact, it is simply following the knitted thread !

  2. Beautiful Els, I first read "ending" and thats fitting perfectly to my wishes about these crazy times. But Mending fits to your beautiful work, making something beautiful with mending.

    1. Ahhhh Doris, don't we all want that VERY much !!! (hahaha : might be a "Freudian mistake" after all . . .)

  3. hey Els ik hou ook wel van dat zichtbare , er is trouwens al onzichtbaar genoeg , 't mag wat duidelijk zijn toch ?
    natuurlijk is het ook kunstig EN extra fijn werk om steken onzichtbaar te naaien , wat ik ook waardeer natuurlijk , ps ik ben vandaag pas begonnen aan het " bloemenkind " groetjes

    1. ((Maria)) soms móét het echt onzichtbaar, maar dat hoefde lekker niet dus kon ik me uitleven haha !
      Wat een geluk dat lapjes niet bederven hè :-D !!! Maakt niet uit hoe lang je iets bewaart, ééns komt het van pas !