woensdag 21 april 2021

stitched lines

These last two weeks
we had a STITCH  CLUB  workshop
by Joetta Maue
translating photos into stitch>

Hahaha :
sooooo many of the Stitch Club members
have been looking through their photo stash
for hours and hours,
catching up on lovely memories !

I have many photographs on the computer too
more than one used to have in an album.
When there were still rolls of film in a camera,
I mostly used 36 frames
because you never knew how many would be good
(and how many not !)
How different things are nowadays
with digital cameras !!!

I chose a photo with grandchildren
(digital, so easy to enlarge and print)
I printed several
and asked the "subjects" to choose

Because I didn't have any vintage "beauties"
I took a piece of an old linen blouse
that I had cut apart, to use for some textile work.

I didn't want to use only black for the stitching
but chose the colours from the photo
only in a "dustier" shade.

After MANY hours if making lines of tiny stitches
the "men" of the family are there !

The original photo and the stitched piece  (A4)

The "middle" one (here 11) trying out his mum's old racing bike.

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