zondag 2 mei 2021


Yesterday was a wonderful day
for daughter and me :
a LIVE workshop eco-printing
with Carla van Belle !
The weather looked fine in the morning but it was very cold,
it was more like the first day of March
than the first of May !!!
The workshop was outside in the garden
so no big problems considering Covid
but we needed our warm sweaters and coats !

Lots of preparations were made at home beforehand.
We made four different samples in the morning.
I was glad that I had some experience already
from Caroline Nixon's Stitch Club workshop !

After lunch we could work on something of our own choice.
Daughter had an old silk camisole
and I had an old white cotton blouse.

We were really lucky that our garden is facing south,
that means all plants are slightly earlier
than somewhere else.
I had collected leaves of the New Dawn rose
and many kinds of Geraniums.
Daughter had found a bunch of Eucalyptus in the flower shop.

When working with stuff like this,
it is always difficult to remember to take pictures regularly . . .
so hardly anything of the process.
(never mind . . . if you're interested : take a workshop
it is really FUN !!!)

When we had had another cup of coffee / tea with some sweets
and had seen lots of Carla's beautiful work
(when all our stuff was bundled up and steaming in the pot)

the first bundles could be opened up and admired !

Daughter was quite happy with the result !

But I took my bundle home to let it cool down over night 
and promised to show pictures later.

Washed and ironed :

and the back

Daughter's silk camisole !


THANKS, Carla for a lovely workshop !

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ecoprint ist immer wieder so spannend. Wie ein Überraschungsei, man weiß nie wie das Ergebnis wird und es entstehen immer tolle Unikate!!!
    Lieben Inselgruß

    1. Haha, ich kenne die "Kinder-Überraschungseier"!
      Aber ich glaube, jeh mehr man übt desto besser man das Ergebnis raten kann !

  2. Wow !!!
    Wunderbare Ergebnisse. Nun weiß ich wieder, was ich unbedingt noch mal ausprobieren sollte. In Gemeinschaft ist das am besten.
    Herzliche Grüße , Angela

    1. Oh JA Angela !
      (bei mir hat es etwas gedauert weil das erste mal ein Fiasko war . . . jetzt weiss ich, viiiieeeel Vorbereitung aber dann kann es los gehen

  3. Would love to see a photo of you in your beautiful eco dyed shirt!