woensdag 21 september 2022


I definitely need capital letters
to talk about what I'm doing right now !

I subscribed to a FELTING course
of Corinna Nitschmann
who has this 10 days of FUN with felting !
Five workshops, five teachers :
Dadmar Binder
Mihály Vetró
Bea Németh
Márti Csille
and Nadia Szabó

(luckily there are a few days "off" in between)

Until now I did "only" three,
but the other two workshops I'll do later.
It is really great fun to work with renowned felting artists
and learn another few tricks !


Not everything I did is totally finished
so for now only the result
of what I did today.

(die tentaklierte Warzenpiepe)
"beast with warts and tentacles"

This is the "backside" with some "gold" visible
(though nót in the picture) that is inside.

It is stuffed with kitchen paper right now
so it can dry in the right shape.
I might also do some stitching on it
but I'm not sure yet right now,
at least I have to wait for it to be totally dry.

(later more)

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