zondag 27 november 2022

a small party and felting fun

 Because I was busy in October,
our anniversary party was postponed a bit.
(but it's not bad to have a party to look forward to !)

Yesterday we visited our granddaughter
in her new home
(which is MUCH closer to school
where she studies for gold smith)
and we went out for dinner :
with daughter and four youngsters this time.
(the family is expanding)
Though we had to wait quite a long time
before we could eat
it was wonderful being together !
(which isn't always possible
when children "are leaving the nest")

So sorry that on the special funny date
22 - 11 - '22
I had no time at all to write a post :
because I was soooo busy felting
in a wonderful masterclass with
Yaroslava Troinich

I have done other workshops with her
and it was always FUN !!!
She has great expertise in felting
and is very generous with her knowledge !
(if you love felting small, please check her out,
you won't regret it !!!)

So on 22 - 11 was the start of this class,
but two days later we finished this funny chap !

Meet IGOR, my black-and-tan rabbit !

Number two is on it's way,
but not dry yet

(next Tuesday they will have some clothes too,  haha)

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