woensdag 25 januari 2023

a heart

This year hasn't begun quite well for Man : pneumonia is a nasty business !
Two courses of penicillin were needed to make a start in healing
Ever so slowly he is getting better now
(with a setback on some days)
Again we see what a precious thing
good health is !!!

After all the felting last month
it was time to pick up stitching again :
so many wonderful ideas in STITCH CLUB !

This little heart is for the workshop of
Chloe Patience

Stitching with so much texture is really fun !
(it seems that January 25 is "St. Dwynwens day in Wales :
the equivalent of Valentine's day   :-)  !) 

It is only a small work
because the two weeks are almost over
and I'm still busy with some bigger work
from April Sproule's workshop.
That gets bigger than I thought it would
(I added another strip of cloth on the outside !)
I will show that when I'm really finished with it

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat mooi dat hart. Ik zit ook bij stitchclub en heb die workshop nog niet gevolgd. Daar moet ik maar gauw tijd voor gaan maken!

    1. Een goed besluit !!! Ik heb er in ieder geval geen seconde spijt van gehad ! :-)

  2. So sorry your man has been poorly, I do hope he recovers completely, not a fun thing to have, especially in the winter months.
    I do love your heart. I've just done the Gwen Hedley course with TextArt, and saw you with your necklace in the "here's what other folk have done" bit and thought I know that face!!! Nowhere near finished, but I have at least stitched some bits together!
    Really look forward to seeing what you have been doing with the Sproule Studio, her work is so interesting and inspiring

    1. ((Kat)) I'm so glad I can tell you now that things are improving : day by day a bit more energy (but still more slowly than he wants !)
      Ohhhh I LOVED that workshop with Gwen (I have her book now) and though I knew about the picture I didn't see it in Stitch Camp myself :-) . . . and I wear it !
      April's workshop is nearly completed, I'll show you in the next post.