zondag 31 oktober 2010

colourful autumn

This is the last day of October and the trees in our garden
are in their most beautiful coloured coat.

It only lasts a few more days like this ... then the leaves
will be dropping slowly, or fast, when the wind starts playing.

The very first "beast" I made in Jude's class was never finished.
The lion was there, looking at me ... I was looking back at him
... and I was not content.
I thought I might know what to do with him in the end.
 I know now ( or: I think I do )

He is to be my "July" journal quilt as intended,
but I started to take off most of the fabric he was basted on
and added the batting I used on the other ones
then it's back to the stitching !!

"September" is also taking shape although things can still change.
( I might add some weaving, it's only pinned down)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. that's the friendliest lion I've ever seen and the apple looks delicious.

  2. I'm so glad to see these. So much character...

  3. Hi There! the colors in your lion face
    are wonderful and beastly! Although I try.
    my stitching is not anywhere as orderly as yours.
    There is where I am headed though...
    So nice to visit you Els!

  4. The first photo is just amazing. Thank you for the frozen moment in time. Your lion is fantastic! It's hard to imagine that it went from the first photo to the next. You are a true artist!

    ;~) Debi

  5. Your apple piece is so beautifully and unpredictabley composed...and the subtle color palate reminds me of the diffused late afternoon autumn sunlight in your photograph...