zaterdag 9 oktober 2010


A few days ago we had some visitors "in" the garden : six young swans
with their mam and dad were drifting by and taking their time to do
some grooming. As you can see the young ones were quite big already.... but they still
had those soft squeaky voices, that didn't seem to fit to the big bodies.

Do you think we have some genes that are for knitting .... ?

Today our grandson (he is 6 years old) played his soccer match
...... which they won with 21 to 2 ........
His sister (9) went to a friends birthday party so he and his mam stayed
 with us for a bit and then he asked : can you learn me how to knit ?
So I showed him how to do it : ..... and he went on and on and on, and said :
knitting is fun !

(yes, knitting is fun, I think so too)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Those swans are cute. They are arrogance to look at when they swim. How nice to see boys knitting. I taught my son how to knit too. I hope you will come and visit my blog sometimes Els - Hugs Nat

  2. How lovely to have swans in your garden...I must travel a half hour to see the ones I showed on my blog...I see those babies still have the soft down feathers.
    Your Grandson is so cute concentrating on his knitting. Perhaps there is a knitting gene :)

  3. Els...this is the best, the attention so focused
    ....and i see his "friendship" bracelets..he
    can weave them, for his friends too....i
    just this week got the little beadloom that
    jude is using...your grandson and i would be
    on even ground if we both start at the same time.
    Thank you for showing us this moment...

  4. Well Grace, I think I should have named the second bit ot this post "nature or nurture" !

  5. Ah, zo leuk om jouw kleinzoon te zien breien, kennis doorgeven is mooi om te doen en zo leuk dat hij er plezier in heeft.
    Ik zit in Rotterdam op de stadsacademie.