zondag 21 november 2010

faces, faces

My original plan was to stop with the October journal quilt
because I didn't know very well how to continue.
Then in the garden, I saw what was left of my New Dawn Rose:
lots of rose-hips in bright greenish orange
 ... then I knew how to go on with the faces !
(not all in a "rosy" mood)

One piece of fabric was replaced by another orange scrap:

and I drew and stitched some faces on a piece of dark blue fabric
like we learned in Jude's "Beasts class"

And here is the finished journal quilt for October

with lots of faces ....  ;-)

Now I could really set my mind on November!
Weeks ago I already made the sketches for November and December
(....and the still missing August ...)
The grays and blues and browns were chosen
and brought downstairs (to accompany the stacks already there)
The pieces for the background are picked but not yet sewn together
for I don't know if I do "patches" or "appliqué"
... probably a bit of both ...

Lately I thought my scissors needed to be sharpened
because it didn't cut very well at the point ....
NOW I'm not so sure anymore ........
( I think I have to ask Jude to "send" me a magic feather )

Here is the start of a little piece of November
It's always hard to judge how big the pieces must be
in order to fit together nicely
( that is: without making a pattern ! )

11 opmerkingen:

  1. well i love how you used the empty paces for the faces.

    the trees are a really good start. i never use a pattern. a lot of the time my piece changes a lot as i go, but once i get going...it goes somewhere. and i follow.

  2. Absolutely WONDERFUL! What a special quilt for October. I like the brief glimpse of your sketches for November and December. It will be fun to see how they develop!

    ;~) Debi

  3. Loved seeing your sketches and those trees....really love where you are heading!

    Very quirky your pumpking piece too and those little rosehip faces are lovely.

    Jacky xox

  4. What fun to see how rose hips can be smiley or grumpy....how would have thought?

  5. mooi om dat idee mee te nemen in je herfstquilt.
    De Kantfabriek is wel ver weg maar de tentoonstelling is meer dan de moeite waard.

  6. Love your faces Els. The sketches of the forest looks great too. Enjoy it - Hugs Nat

  7. I really like your faces peeking out from everywhere...this is a very happy cloth despite the cross patch at the bottom...but i am sure this in only a momentary phase for this face...

  8. Het afscheid nemen van de zomer heb je mooi uitgebeeld in dit werk, zo voel ik me ook als ik de uitgebloeide rozen zie, een soort verdriet van het einde van de zomer en het verwelkomen van de herfst. Ik ben heel benieuwd naar November. Vandaag hadden we hagel.... heel even, maar zo koud op het gezicht!

  9. Your trees are so wonderful...looking forward to seeing what they look like as you finish.

  10. I love those faces! Your great with colour too, that orange just sings! :) xx