zondag 7 november 2010

next one emerging

With my July journal quilt finished it's time to go on
to the one for September
( apple picking time )

I already mentioned that I would like to do some weaving in this one ...

... and the next step was to begin with the stitching

A bit later I realized that I forgot to add my magic thread in July !!!
( Jude has her black and white weaving thread that she often uses
to do something magic .... )
Some time ago I found in a stash at school a little ball of very special cotton yarn :
thát became MY magic thread
and I started using it in my first monthly journal.

( so I added a little piece of this to the July Lion ! )

After a bit of working on ... my Baktus shawl is finished.

And again I'm very satisfied how the colours intermingled just by starting
at the beginning ánd the end of the ball and knitting four rows with each end :


8 opmerkingen:

  1. What beautiful things in this post. the colorway in your shawl is gorgeous. Is your magic thread cotton? what a great find.

  2. You are one prolific gal! Your shawl is out of this world amazing! And it looks so soft too! I'm loving the weaving in the top photos!

    ;~) Debi

  3. Deanna, it's cotton. Just a little boll but a double thread ... and I use it single, so enough for many, many cloths!
    Debi (couldn't find prolific??) The shawl starts at 4s. to 100 and back to 4 again, every 4th ndl +1/-1 (Kureon Sock would do but isn't that soft!)

  4. Els your magic tread have some beautiful colors, wonderful woven clothes you're working on, love the colors, your shawl is gorgeous.

  5. I´m fond of the idea of monthly cloth, too... - last year I finished one for September, October, November - then lost interest. Now, again, I have September, October, and November in the works - being determined to make it around 1 year this time...

  6. yes, following a time line of season is so soothing.

  7. This shawl is really smashing. What a feast of color!