dinsdag 8 februari 2011

Octopus's Garden

Time to show my finished felt/fabric piece
Octopus's Garden
(of course after the Beatles song !)

It took ages to do the tiniest backstitches along the edge of the wave

Then I cut ( top, batting and backing ) just 2mm
next to the stitching
and left it raw edge which works quite well !

Sequins gave the mermaid a shiny appearance,

the embroidery was fun to do
and everything came perfectly together,
from the seahorses ....

.... to the school of tiny fisch

I started on the new felt/fabric piece :
for that I chose the dark blue felt
I will try to make such a piece for every month of this year
and because it's 2011 
they will all tell "fairy tale" stories !

( 11 = elf = fairy )

9 opmerkingen:

  1. love that mermaid. my little 6 year old neighbor used to get into one pant leg and pretend she was a mermaid when she was little. your stitching brought back that memory. beautiful work you're doing.

  2. Very pretty and colorful...... just lovely!

  3. This is so beautiful. I love the mermaid too. Those fish are so cool - hugs Nat

  4. Wow - what fun! I really like the top wave border you chose. AND I love your idea for 2011 art works.

  5. Heel erg mooi, Els. Leuk, dat je nu in de workshop van Jude zit. Dat hart is erg mooi geworden en die armband, wow!
    Ik krijg wel een beetje spijt dat ik de workshop niet doe, maar ja, een mens kan niet alles doen wat leuk is, he.. Wel jammer....

  6. Ga jij de shibori workshop doen? lijkt me ook heeeeeel leuk.....

  7. I love the way you combine the felting with the fabric and stitching...

  8. This is just beautiful, the colours, prints and details, truly stunning!