donderdag 7 april 2011

no name yet ...

This morning I did the last stitches on my March felt / fabric
( I know it's April )

There were some new things I tried in this one
and I like the way all of that turned out.
You can think things out beforehand
but it's funny how opportunities suddenly appear along the way.

I wanted this piece to be really "Springy"
In our garden there are lots of flowerbulbs blooming every year
so I wanted bulbs in the ground
and then ... above ground
a Daffodil "appeared"

But then I thought: it would be fun if the flower was
three dimensional ...

so that's what happened.

Such magic needs some magic thread !

After all the elfs were there I saw that the Daffodil
was right over one of the bulbs :
it was like they were just waiting to be connected.


The very last thing I did after all the stitching
was putting some beads on.
( and signing it on the back ofcourse )

Now there are three pieces finished
although I don't have a name for the last one yet
( any suggestions ? )

After I saw Jude's post "Willow wakes" today
I made a photo on the balcony :

the Willow right on the other side of the water
is already fully awake and "weeping"

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat is het lente tafereeltje prachtig! Zo lief en mooi.

  2. your March piece is beautiful! how about the name "Spring is in the Air", love the composition of your piece!

  3. Pięknie u Ciebie, u nas wiosna jeszcze tak nie rozbuchała. Super te ogrodowe ludki, które zrobiłaś ostatnio.

  4. What a stunning post Els. Made my day to see your beautiful work and pond. Gilly

  5. Love the color combos on the spring piece. Maybe something about waking up for the title? Entwicklung?

  6. lovely willows! do i see a bit of sara lechner inspiration here?

  7. Oh! This made me smile. That beautiful, cheery daffodil, the little elves, those lovely bulbs...I love your March piece.
    I think we all get a lot of inspiration from Sara Lechner....some wonderful textile artists out in blogland to inspire us all. You have made this piece your very own with that lovely 3D daffodil. Just beautiful.

    Jacky xox

  8. All I can say to this is wOw! The colours, the design, the stitchery, lovely!xx

  9. Your felt/fabric pieces are delightfully enchanting. This last one has me thinking "dilly dally, elf magic"

  10. "Dancing with the daffodils...", are you? Und danke für den smarten Begriff tex-TILES...!

  11. Mein Gott, was machst Du nur für wunderschöne Sachen!!! So herrliche Farben, so viel Fantasie - ich bin begeistert!!!!!
    Liebe Grüsse

  12. Hi!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your photos are stunning and this fiber piece is magnificent ... especially the three dimensional qualities and how well they are incorporated into the overall design. Excellent piece in every possible way!