maandag 25 april 2011

about cooking ... why not

After falling seriously ill and nasty treatment
now thirteen years ago
I switched to being (almost) a vegatarian
and subcribed to a weekly bag of organically grown fruit and vegetables.
(I love "Odin" on his eight legged horse !!!)

You never know what will be in it
(unless you look on the internet, which I hardly ever do)
but I learned to live with that
and even appreciate it!
... get inspired by what you have ...
(not a bad idea I think)

Today I made pie, as I often do

... dough from a tin (sorry)
preparing the filling ...
miwing it all together ...
adding some tomatoes on top for colour ...
and after 33 minutes in the oven ...
(I love funny numbers ... 30 or 35 is okay too)


(Hmmm , I  haven't finished the "caterpillar quilt" yet:
still some problems to be solved!)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hurray for cooking, one of my favorite art forms! Even when my Sailor is away (as he is now) I take time to cook for myself. How lucky you are to have the Odin vegetables as a weekly surprise!

  2. Ah, wij hebben ook zo'n tas. Eerst moest ik er aan wennen dat er voor je bepaald werd wat je die week ging eten. Nu vind ik dat juist reuze handig! En de smaak is een stuk beter!