donderdag 20 oktober 2011

blue and white

Blue and white
or white and blue ?

I think I have enough nine patch stars now.

Yesterday I spread out the big ikat cloth with the moon
and while I was stitching the nine patches
there was someone waiting patiently
till I had time for some TLC
( his sister is not as demanding for attention as he is ...
dear house guests again for a few days )

After I had all the "nines" I wanted ( for now )
there were still little squares left

I just couldn't resist :

what this may be ???
A biscornu in the making !
two nine patches sewn together :
the point of one, to the middle of the side of the other

What if ... I use only two little ones        turning with a clever forceps ...

top and bottom              or              bottom and top

an old and two new ones

( It always surprises me how much batting you can stuff in such small things )

When you go over to Eva Nerling's blog
( that's where I dicovered the biscornus )
you'll even find a tutorial
for the beautiful embroidered ones she makes !

16 opmerkingen:

  1. didn't realize a biscornu could be made with 2 nine patches. i'll have to add that to my list. love it. thanks for sharing how it's done.

  2. Not sure about how this went together, but...I want one, therefore I will figure it out!

  3. how clever els. a beautiful nine patch biscomu.


  4. Love them! And that ikat fabric is to dye for!

  5. Els, that fabric is so gorgeous. I know I said that before, but it bears repeating. The biscomu is fun! Cat and fabric just go so well together.

  6. those are so clever - very sweet and useful too. also your last comment made me smile - i too can never believe how much stuffing i can fit inside my little creations.

  7. how clever and how lovely, i want one too.
    i think there are little holes where the stuffing goes out as you (or i) stuff it in from the other side.

  8. Dear Els, thank you for your ever so kind comments and this link. Your biscarnus are amazing, especially the tiny ones. I'd go nuts if I tried such small ones.

  9. Dag naamgenootje ;-)) haha wij vonden hem er al smerig uitzien maar dat het een stinkzwam is wisten we niet. M'n man heeft de foto gemaakt, ik zal nog even vragen of hij hem heeft geroken.

    Jij bent ook zo'n creabea, heerlijk is dat toch om lekker bezig te zijn met lapjes, draadjes etc.

    Fijn weekend, Els

  10. I love the biscornus...have been trying to decide about Christmas gifts, and I have lots of tiny scraps! Beautiful kitty too. Thanks, Els!

  11. What a great idea Els, as Suzanna said they would make great Christmas gifts. I love making the nine patches so I guess I'll be making a whole lot more!

  12. Wow, new word and gizmo to me - thanks, Els! -xxoo, sus

  13. Wow...I have never seen a biscornu them! Els you are always trying something new and different. I will pop over to Eva's blog and check out the tutorial.

    Jacky xox