dinsdag 11 oktober 2011


Full moon today
or rather tonight, though there is nothing to be seen here
because a thick layer of clouds is hiding it all !
What a pity.

That's why I thought today was an appropriate time
do to some moon stitching.

A very light "colour blanket" done all by hand
( as I do most pieces lately, thanks to Jude )

This will be the moon in the new cloth I wanted to start
for some time now, and finally did.

Just checking if there was enough "moon" already
 with a pizza form
( great template for felting too ) 
and then cutting it out.

The next step will be to "needle turn" it
on the beautiful red brown heavy cotton ikat fabric
When I saw this fabric I immediately thought of a big cloth

 I will baste on the moon first and wait a bit with other stitches
... just looking and thinking what will come next ...

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I am liking this one a lot. Ikat background is the color of gingersnaps, yummy. No moon here either as we are rained in for most of the week. It is beginning to feel like fall...cool, damp, overripe...the mountains are going to be spectacular by the weekend with scarlets, russets, gold, orange. If only they would stay this way for a bit longer...

  2. your moon against that ikat is very effective. just like seeing it in the night sky with all the stars shining.

  3. The moon is so beautiful with all the different fabrics. Words cannot describe my reaction to the ikat! Beautiful! and it has stars already!

  4. Your moon is beautiful and then on the ikat...it's stunning! The moon is out and fat here...I think I'll go take another photo and stand for a minute...

  5. Happy full moon, Els - obscured here too, tonight, by rain. I will gaze at your stitched moon awhile instead. love, sus

  6. Happy full moon from me too Els. It seems to come around very fast - Love the red Ikat - Hugs Nat

  7. Happy Full Moon, Els! Our moon will be behind cloud this evening....but your cloth one is shining! So beautiful- it is making me want to quilt again! Your post (9 and note) inspires me to get out into my studio tonighbt, and have my indigo dyeing evening..which I would have foregone....but maybe in a completely different way...Thank you for your caring thoughts....and always inspiring artwork!

  8. Now that is a boro moon...all little stitched patches.
    No clouds this side of the world, so bright nights for us.

    Jacky xox