zondag 13 november 2011


A bit later than I thought this weekend
I finally finished the special "Baktus" shawl,
the one with the lacy side.
 I got the pattern at one of my favourite yarnshops
"de Schapekop" in Nieuwpoort.
It's true that I did buy a few times on-line,
but with yarn I like it best when I can feel what I'm buying
and also colour wise I think it's much safer

I love these self striping yarns
( Drops Delight )

( and something different about colours : here )

The pattern was easy
and I especially like the edge of the strait side of the shawl !

Now I will have time for my "big cloth", I think,
however ...
aren't there any other things to do ...
with Sint Nicolaas and Christmas coming up ?

7 opmerkingen:

  1. i made 2 of them last year. gave one for a gift and one for me. just love the variation in color here.

  2. beautiful colour, so good I almost want to lick it. The edges are so pretty.

  3. Beautiful! I love the scallop edge and the colors are so gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful! It will so stunning to wear...as well as warm and comfortable! The striping yarn is perfect for this shawl..such rich colours. Beautiful project, Els!

  5. What a happy little edge!!! Love the colors :)

  6. The shawl is absolutely stunning. I love the purple mixed in with the other colours. Stripy yarn is such a clever idea!
    Lovely to find your blog, Els.

    Best wishes,