zondag 27 november 2011

fabulous felting ... and then ...

Last weekend daughter and I had a fabulous felting class with

( we had looked forward to it for over 3/4 of a year ! )

And YES !
it was all we hoped for and so much more
It was three days of working very hard
on three projects
and we learned sooo much

A lot of new techniques and inspiration to start working on !



And then
the whole world came to a standstill :
our dearest loved-one
got caught up in a terrible hit-and-run car crash
and thank heavens came out of it with, as it seems now, only "minor" problems
when you see the wreckage of what once was a car .....

there must have been a big pair of angel wings around them !!!!  

 But after this nothing else seems important
and I think it will stay like that
at least for a while now 

12 opmerkingen:

  1. so glad your loved one is ok. nothing is more important than that. that felting is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. Oh, Els - I just had a feeling something was wrong! SO GLAD for the protection of your dear one - and that your felting workshop was better than you dreamed! xxxooo, sus

  3. Sorry about the crash, but I'm so glad your friend is ok. I can't believe how incredible that felting is! Just awesome!

  4. Thank goodness your dearest one is safe after the accident...very scary isnt it!
    Your feltmaking looks GORGEOUS...how exciting to do the class with your daughter. I wish I lived closer, would love to do a workshop like that (wonder if Marjolin comes out to Australia?)

    Jacky xox

  5. Oh my gosh, Els! I am so thankful and relieved for you, that your loved one is okay. It, of course, is hugely traumatic, even if one walks away from such an incident. Great big hugs to you...Such an event just changes things, doesn't it...and gives us pause...and appreciation. Beautiful felting! Such rich glorious colours-I'm glad you had a wonderful time at the workshop with your daughter!

  6. oh, Els wat verschrikkelijk! wat een geluk dat het niet ernstig is afgelopen. Dan staat je leven wel even op z'n kop, he, als je eraan denkt wat had kunnen gebeuren.

  7. The colors and form of your felting is so rich! Glad you and your daughter were able to do this work together. Mostly glad your loved one will be well. The world looks so different at these times,yes?

  8. So glad your loved one was okay. Your felting projects look great. It looked like a fun workshop - hugs Nat

  9. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, love your felting! please pick a colour you would like for the fabric bundle in case you win!!!

  10. Glad to hear everything turned out ok...a big relief. The felting is amazing!

  11. oooh mai what a shock...

    it will take you some time to enjoy the new things you learned from Marjolijn...but hey..she's gorgeous isn't she?