maandag 18 juni 2012

hurray ! ...a new camera .... !

For quite some time now
I wasn't very satisfied
with my Olympus camera anymore,
though I was happy with it for several years.
But lately I was increasingly annoyed
by the shutter lag,
and by the blurry pictures,
it seemed I couldn't hold it steady ...
But with daughter's Sony camera
the photos were okay
(even if I used the display instead of the viewer !)

So :
last Saturday I finally took the big step
of buying a new camera :
the newer brother of daughter's Sony Cybershot

And no better place to play with it than
daughter's place !

... and the garden !

Mmmmmm ... still a lot to learn
to use that new program ...
and to download them onto the computer ....
they might be way too heavy ...
Well I'll keep playing

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Have fun with your new sony..I had one two years is now on the Ark with Noah! But it was a great little camera...I think Sony is a good make. Your Grandbaby is too precious...what a lucky Mother and Grandmother you are!

  2. That baby - what a charming little elf model!!! Have fun with your new camera, Els. It will be like new eyes for you! -sus

  3. Yea Els!! What a perfect time for a new camera! Your grandson and garden look great with this lens :) I have had Sony cameras and other products over the years and have been pleased with them. I wish this good luck for you as well.

  4. A new camera is always so much fun, and such a brilliant investment, after all, all those shots of babie's tiny feet, are priceless aren't they?

  5. Schöne Fotos! Und ein supersußes Enkelkind- Glückwunsch!

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Hello Els, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, as it introduced your blog to me; I shall enjoy reading through your older posts later. I am in tune with your stitching , and i think we both are followers of Jude!

    How you must be enjoying that lovely little grandchild. I am having a great time (though tiring!) at the moment with my family here from New Zealand. children use upso much energy - both theirs and mine!!! Lynnex.