zondag 24 juni 2012

baby stitches

Our days (and nights !)
are still filled with "a lot of baby"
Though we worry about various things
he grows like cabbage
(that's all he has to do isn't it ?)

When I see and smell one of my fresh "New Dawn" roses
I think of our new little grandson

sweet !

And in between all the hassle and bustle
I find bits of time
to do some stitches on the little "lots of love" cloth

little bits of fire for the fireman

this one is for Mo Crow's interest

There was also time for some mending and washing

someone cut of the ribbons of this woolen baby shirt 
so I put on some new ones that I found in my stash

and ten year old "Maisy" clean again
but still dripping !!!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. I love that pink rose and the red embroidery.

  2. Ahhh he is such a peach. Your cloth is wonderful, I love the heart X

  3. beautiful stitching and such a sweet little baby surrounded by so much love.

  4. Your stitches are always fun for me to see, Els. The creamy pink rose is just like baby skin - beautiful. xxxxo, sus

  5. Lovely lovely little boy! So great that you live near enough to be so involved, it is a gift!
    I am loving that gorgeous stitched cloth of yours, thanks for the close-up photos - so inspirational. Lx.