zaterdag 23 februari 2013

knitting (and felt) on Saturday

Today I went to Rotterdam for the Stitch'nBitch group there.
Again, like four weeks ago, it was bitterly cold.
This time however we were with 
sixteen women !

Can you imagine how much noise
knitting women make ?

A   LOT 

(ha, everyone was getting louder and louder
just to hear her neighbour)

Although I had to frog a bit 
(because I wasn't paying attention enough and had increased two stitches)
the work on my double knitted scarf 
is going smoothly :
nearly there !

The only thing I don't like 
about the Noro Kureyon Sock yarn
is that it's spun soooo thin in some places,
I have to break it up and knit some stitches with a double thread,
which leaves me with a lot of loose ends to weave in ...

Never mind that, 
the colours are gorgeous !

In the garden the small flowers braved the icy wind

still going strong ..... and also gorgeous colours !


For the felting - exchange this month's subject for me was 
I was in the mood for some experimenting.
The pre felt I made was dried a bit and then
stitched  into pleats with a woolen thread that would felt too,
and strips of plastic as a resist

(the wool is Rowan tweed, but nót very suited and strong enough for knitting)

After cutting the pleats and removing the resists
there was a lot more felting to do

This is the finished piece 
which turned out more or less the right size !
(on its way to the recipient )

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Your scarf looks beautiful!
    I'm knitting with Noro Taiyo sock I know what you mean about being realy thin in spots.

    I love your water felt too! :)

  2. Dat brei patroon vind ik heel spannend...hoe doe je dat??
    Je vilt werk is weer schitterend!

  3. Oh my WORD! Els I LOVE your scarf! Noro wool is so expensive I have 2 balls of it - just to look at! I don't knit, only very basic stuff; your scarf is delicious, I LOVE THE DESIGN!

  4. I love that beautiful blue of your felt piece! It looks like a very clever craft, one I've never tried, maybe one day I'll give it a go if I could produce something near as lovely. :) I really love the colours of your scarf, the breaking of the yarn is worth it to get such fantastic results!xx

  5. Dein Filzteilchen ist schön geworden- diese Technik gefällt mir gut, aber ich habe sie noch nie probiert- und sag mal, was blühen bei euch denn schon so viele Blümchen??
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Oh Els, the double scarf is gorgeous. I want to knit one like that. I've the pattern in Loani's latest book. I love the Noro yarn is beautiful. You chose a loveliest of colours - Keep warm - Hugs Nat

  7. Beautiful 'water', els. So glad you had a great turn out for stitchn'bitch. who has more fun than creative women?! -xxoo, sus

  8. I love your double knitted scarf, what a beautiful way to show off the Noro yarn.

  9. your knitting is gorgeous! and I can imagine very well how much noise 16 women can make!!!