donderdag 11 april 2013

boro boro

is  s l o w  stitching
It's a kind of meditative activity
(though I lóve free stitching on my machine
this kind of boro stitching I'm doing now 
is really something else)

The loveliest piece of Megamendung silk Jude once send me
is like a pair of wings on the back of the jacket.
When it was glue-stitched I didn't like the way it suddenly stopped
at the edge of the silk strip that once became the top of an evening dress
so I made white (silk) running stitches 
to connect it with the piece of embroidered cotton
that was intended to become a Mexican skirt
(but never wás one)

Sometimes the ideas that pop up in my head are so many,
the stitching just goes too slowly !!!
But now that a lot of pieces are attached to the background 
I can easier make my choices.

It really is FUN !

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Love love your slow stitch jacket Els. Great combo of all blues. I saw that cloud fabric at the market in Bangkok, but it happened to be an antique piece and cost arms and legs. Sadly to say I didn't get it - I wished I did though - Hugs Nat

  2. Fonderful. I love this stitch and fabric

  3. Lovely, Els, your stitching ia exquisite! I am doing HUGE stitches on mine to get it covered more quickly.(Not the ethos of slow cloth at all, I'm afraid, but my jacket is being done for a purpose with a deadline!) I love the way you have continued the pattern of the cloth in stitch. Lxx

  4. This is so wonderful, i like it very very much.


  5. It is really so magical Els. Just want to see this work in person and touch!

  6. So beautiful, Els. I really like the continuity in base colours with the little bursts to compliment. And so many beautiful stitches!

  7. Boy Els, this is really something!

  8. beautiful, i love these little coloful rhombuses.