dinsdag 30 april 2013

first and last

We have a new 

This morning his mother Queen Beatrix abdicated
so now her eldest son Willem Alexander
had his first day as King


While watching tv 
I did my last stitches to close the seam on my Boro jacket

(this was yesterday, when there were still some pinns in the sleeve)

Tomorrow I'll will wear it !

17 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh Els! It is wonderful! You have worked quickly (on your slow cloth!!) much faster than me, and I am doing 'rough' stitching. How fabulous.

    We watched on the news today your new King, and how every one was celebrating. I don't think our Queen will abdicate, she considers she made a vow when she was crowned, which she cannot abdicate from. (We suspect she may not have complete confidence in Charles as King. Many monarchists wish the line could pass straight to William, poor lad, I would not wish that on him at his age.) So there you have it - two nations, two very different Royal Families.

    So, what next for you in the textile line, Els? I am sure you will have something in mind! Oh, and Happy May Day! Lx

  2. Wow, what a fabulous jacket! Congrats on having a new King!

  3. YOU ROCK!!!!!!
    What an inspiring & dramatic piece of stitchery you have created. I hope you will post about the reactions you receive while wearing it. Great work!
    As for new *kingdoms,* I hope he will be a good sovereign to all of you.
    And pssssst .... I have a secret desire that the Queen of England should do the same ... don't tell ;>]]

  4. Wonderful work, Els. What satisfaction, wearing your art! I hope it is a good thing to have a new King. Hurray for your jacket! -sus

  5. Els~ This is so gorgeous!!! You did it!!! I love the colorful diamonds falling down the right side of the back :) You must feel so proud, it's beautiful.

  6. Was für eine wundervolle Jacke, Els! Toll!

  7. Congratulations on having a new King. I hope you are happy. The most beautiful boro jacket I have ever seen Else. It goes nicely with the colour of your hair - Love it - Hugs Nat

  8. GAAF
    binnnen in de jas en de jas zelf
    mooi mens
    gelukkig heeft de koning geen macht
    liever een koningin

  9. Els your Boro jacket is so beautiful you have done a fantastic work.

  10. Wos, that's a great jacket! Well done, i was curios to see it finished! I like it very very much!


  11. you did a most magnificent job and it looks gorgeous on you. also love that 3D element.

  12. Wow, so schön habe ich es mir nicht vorgestellt!!!!! Du hast ein Meisterwerk draus gemacht. Toll!

  13. Thank you friends, ..... I'm blushing ;-)

    (have a good weekend !)

  14. Wirklich, ein Meisterwerk! Und was für ein überraschender Effekt, wenn man dann die Rückseite sieht!

  15. da ist sie ja - so schnell und wunderschön - was für eine arbeit.