maandag 6 mei 2013

a dye day and felt-exchange day

We have some lovely Spring weather 
the garden looks stunning : 
after the dull wintertime
the earth has turned green all over.
The different flowerbulbs give us lots of colour
and the Forget-me-nots are filling up the rest.
I looove when the Malus is in bloom

Yesterday I started brewing a pot with onion skins
with a strip of thin cotton cloth (IKEA curtain)
and put some fresh red Maple leaves 
and leaves of the New Dawn Rose
in between the layers
This morning I opened the package 

Aaaaaah : só promising when still wet ...
and I immediately rolled another one and added some new onion skins

So sorry that the Maple leaves almost disappeared
just some vague bluish colour ...


Then it really was about time 
to start my (April !) felting-exchange piece !

(something funny happening with the making-of pics so only this finished one)

The theme was "spirals"
(and I used the requested colours)

When it's dry it will come your way Judith !

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the felt everything you're doing!

  2. well, the leaves left an imprint which is nice. sometimes if you leave the bundle wrapped for weeks, you might get different results. i've never used maple leaves but i get good results with oak leaves. love the 3D felt.

  3. The dyed result is gorgeous Els. The New Dawn rose left beautiful prints. Your felt flower is gorgeous too - Hugs Nat

  4. DELICIOUS saturated colours on the felt, Els. Mmmmmmm!

  5. The dyeing is lovely and oh the felted piece!

  6. Oh Els, die Färbungen sind große Klasse! Da bin ich direkt wieder versucht, es auch noch einmal zu probieren!
    Letztes Jahr habe ich es auf Vorfilz versucht- das ging leider nicht so gut!
    Viele liebe Grüße