zondag 26 mei 2013

green ... and ... knitting

The garden is green !
We had quite some rain lately 
so that's why !

But it also means that the flowers last a long time.
There are still a lot of Bluebells, 
but I took away most of the Forget-me-not's 
(they sow themselves só massively ...) 

Last Friday I visited with a friend 
the "Breifestival" (knitting festival) in Nieuwpoort
Nieuwpoort is a (partially rebuilt) old fortified town
not too far from where we live.
It has one of my favourite quilt and yarn shops : De Schapekop 

The entire little town was adorned with knitted items :
on windows, benches, flagpoles, lampposts, trees ... 
even from the old town hall tower blew a knitted banner !
(forgot to take my camera, but believe me, it was fun)

Some of the lovely yarn I bought
(the twó on the right are purple, always have difficulty photographing thát colour !)

I am still busy knitting socks for myself
(ha ! very clever with this cold spring weather)
and since the surprise present for Anne's baby is finished
and arrived safely Down Under

I can continue the socks for grandson nr 1

(Arrrgh : look at the difference in colour of the floor : 
just because the yarn has a different colour !
the green of the monkey is real green !!!)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh your garden is so lush and beautiful! And that monkey...so charming! I would like to have seen a knitted town :)

  2. we had quite some rain too, but no garden… warm greetings from wet Paris!

  3. What a beautiful garden Els, right now it is raining here, that is ok it is evening and soon bed time, your monkey is so cute.