maandag 6 april 2015

Easter weekend (and 4 - 4 - 15)

Oh yes, 
spring is definately coming our way !
(though the weather isn't that nice yet)

The weekend started off
with a very lovely 
(loud, according to Man, when he came back)
group of creative women.
(yeah : "praten en breien tegelijk" = knitting while talking)
The group that used to come together at the Alpaca farm,
is this year "on tour" :
every first Saturday of the month at someone else's place.

(a few more to arrive)

A lot of show and tell

My own work (with Fiona's lovely yarn !) but I didn't
do a lot of the lacy-bit stitches this morning ...

On Sunday the whole family had an appointment with the Easter Bunny
and we were glad to have sunshine although
it wasn't really warm yet.

The fun started at th front door : chocolate eggs !

Looking for more eggs in the back garden.

It wasn't easy because the Easter Bunny had done a good job hiding them !

But, with  a little help (of my friends)

And then, when his big sister was making special cupcakes,

the little one was ready to assist !

Mmmmmmmmmmm !

(they were goooooood !)

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