woensdag 29 april 2015

a bit of everything

I'm still busy with my cuffs,
but because I had to mount one of my "Solstice" quiltlets
on a canvas (it's sold)
I took out my acrylic paints as well today.
(ahhhhhh ... that's been really a long time, but
that will get a follow-up now, I think)

Here are some of my special "Night" cuffs :

three Full Moons and one Starry Night.
Amazing :
the one on the left I made specially for Daughter !
(you can see the delicate thin wrist she has :
always looking for a bracelet .... but hard to find one that fits !)

(ha, one could throw a ball ...)

Because it's school holiday here, the grandchildren 
are here on the days that Daughter is working.
The oldest is quite clever with her phone, Youtube and a crochet hook
(and Granny has some yarn)

This will be an amigurumi Little Bigfoot Bunny ...
and you can see she's skillful in doing her hair too !


Late this afternoon Daughter came in with a sad face 
she had been doing her laundry
and when she opened the machine
she saw to her horrer
her beautiful new felted hat lying on top of everything else
It must have slipped in with the clothes she put in the machine !

She came by so we could put it on the hat mold

The hat was washed
but, thank heavens, it still fitted !
What a relief 

She must have done a pretty good job in the first place !!!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. your night cuffs are beautiful Els!

  2. OooH...Love the night wrist cuffs! I would need the tiny one too :) I tried to learn crochet via you-tube...didn't really work out for me! lol Her braid....Oh My - her braid!!! I have a thing for them (still wear them at times too). hers is so neat and thick. Nothing feels better in the hand than a thick braid. If she were within reach, I couldn't stop myself! So glad all ended well with the hat! If you remember that I am making something for you, head on over to pomegranate trail and have a preview! Have a nice Friday & weekend!