vrijdag 12 juni 2015

Textile Biennale in Rjswijk

Today I was with my UK friend Jane on tour again.
Like we did to Leiden some weeks ago, 
we went by public transportation
(for me bike, boat, bike, train, bus)

(though it's not a specific textile museum like the one in Tilburg)
"does in textile" a lot : f.i. the retrospective exhibition of Leslie Gabrielse
was there some eight years ago,
and I think this is the fourth Textile Biennale that they're organizing.

I already read about it in my favourite textile magazine TextielPlus
(... sorry .... only in Dutch !) 

One of the rooms.

Chiachio & Giannone (ARG)

(flowers ?)
Mai Tabakian (FR)

Caroline Bartlett (UK)
A beautiful installation with delicate embroidery 
with embedded imprints of textile in porcelain

Raija Jokinen (FI)

Rebacca Ringquist (USA)

(detail ... pojagi-like)
Debra M Smith (USA)

(the front of the flyer)
Monica Bohlmann (DE)

Ane Henriksen (DK)

(a translucent room)

Amanda McCavour (CA)

(combination of paint and stitch)
Pauline Nijenhuis (NL)

(weird animals)
Henrique v an Putten (NL)

(thousands of pins (numdered !) ... and thread)
Katie Lewis (USA)

(a weird installation : all the original furniture of this room
embedded in folded cloths !)
Derick Melander (USA)

(very, very fine crochet and embroidery)
Ying Chew (AUS)

Not all of it, 
but things I liked
Oh my, there are so many different way to make textile ART !

If you have the opportunity :


it's more than worth the trip !
It lasts till September 27

(Thanks again for the lovely day Jane !)

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  1. I agree. Go see this exhibit if you can. I saw it in May.
    The catalog gives different pictures and essay that addresses the obvious. Go see the exhibition to make up your own mind about what the artists are communicating with their intriguing work.
    Lovely to see these things again on your blog.

  2. thank you for sharing your pictures of this exhibition, I love Ying Chew's fine memento mori

  3. How interesting! Thanks for the pictures.

  4. What a lovely day we had , lovely to see all your photos again Els :-)

  5. What a great exhibition! Artn't textile artists so very talented. Enjoy it, thank you Els - Hugs Nat